Exclusive one time offer: 10% off Speedlite Photography Course at Photoion Photography School London

At Photoion we understand that sometimes the purse strings can be a little tighter than you would like, so we have decided to treat our loyal band of photographers by offering a 10% off discount for everybody who signs up to our Speedlite Course on 14th November 2013.

Taught by one of our fantastically experienced tutors, all students will learn about using the correct camera settings, covering everything from the flash, the trigger and all other relevant accessories that are necessary to correctly execute this technique.

Our workshops are designed to be creative and inspirational; we want to bring out the very best in our students and work in a hands on capacity. It’s not show and tell, it’s show and do!

At Speedlite Photography Workshop, students will learn how to effectively light subjects, starting with just one speedlite and then gradually moving on to two or three. We encourage our students to push themselves to create stunningly beautiful shots that they can recreate time and time again with the skills we have instilled.

After finishing the course, students will be fully competent in shooting and using equipment in full manual mode, allowing for ultimate control over speedlite subjects and creative settings that make images ‘pop’ such as exposure.

The course is designed to be engaging and enjoyable; students leave feeling satisfied and educated on factors such as setting the flash power and positioning the flash, so much so that it will become second nature. By learning these skills, photographers will then be able to reproduce the techniques as and when they like, in their very own working environment with confidence and ease.

At Photoion Photography School London, we always work in small groups with our students as we want them to feel that they are more than just an number; our mantra is very much about quality over quantity and we want students to leave feeling totally fulfilled from the course itself.

 Course topics include:
  • Location
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Cameras and Lenses
  • Accessories
  • Lighting Techniques and Set-ups
  • Composition and Framing

Equipment required on the day consists of:

  • A DSLR camera and lens(es) that covers focal lengths from 24mm to 100mm.

Absolutely everything else is provided on the day and those who don’t have access to a camera are welcomed to use one our spare semi-professional DSLE camera if we are notified in advance of the requirement. Radio flash triggers will be provided on the day and a number of speedlights will be available to use for each setup during the Speedlite Photography Course.

Photoion Photography School London offers an unparalleled course that will enhance photographic skills across a number of London locations; tips, tricks and skills picked up in just one day will stay with students for the rest of their careers.

For one time only, Photoion Photography School London is offering a 10% discount for all students wishing to attend the course on 14th November, simply head over to our site and book to receive your 10% off!

Courses can be booked here: https://www.photoion.co.uk/speedlite-photography-workshops-london/




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