Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Hello Photoion students and photography fans. Today we want to tell you about the upcoming Wildlife photography awards 2015 exhibition.

Each year, the Natural History Museum holds a competition to find the very best images of wildlife from around the world. 2015 marks the 51st year the museum has run the competition, and we’ve got a sneek peak at 3 of the images that will be on display.

The first image, “Komodo Judo”, by Andrey Gudkov, features two male Komodo Dragons locked in an embrace.


The image itself is the perfect example of perseverance paying off.  Gudkov had travelled to Rinca Island in Indonesia many times before during the time of the year when males typically fight over females. But it was during a visit in December, months after the period of peak activity, that he captured this brilliant image of the two dragons mid-combat.

The second image, “The Shark Surfer” by Thomas P Peschak is interesting for two reasons.

Credit: Thomas P. Peschak/www.thomaspeschak.com
First of all it shows a surfer and a shark within feet of each other, something sure to cause terror in many people. In actual fact, the subject of the image is using an electromagnetic repellent device to keep the shark at a safe distance without harming it.

The second interesting thing about this image is that Peschak had to free dive beneath the surfer in order to capture the image. The wonderful visuals of the final piece are made more fantastic knowing the photographer was floating beneath the subject, breath held, waiting for the perfect shot.

The final image we have to show you is titled Gorilla Care, and was taken by Marcus Westburg. Instead of stunning landscapes and vivid colour, the power in this image comes from the kindness and care of the animal doctors and vets as they perform a check up on the twelve year old gorilla, Maisha.

The real highlight of this image comes from Ndeze, the nine year old gorilla that watches the treatment of her female companion through the window in the background of the frame.

All the images from the winning collection will be on display in the Natural History Museum from October 16 2015.