New: Black and White Photography Workshop

Black and White Photography Workshop

Starting from the 30th of March we at Photoion are launching an exclusive new workshop, with the aim of teaching students how to capture the perfect black and white image.

Black and White Photography Course London

In this new and highly anticipated workshop students will learn the power of black and white photography, as our experienced tutor Ion Paciu demonstrates the way in which this medium allows the photographer to focus solely on the light and the shapes, experimenting with shadows and capturing the interactions between these elements.


American photographer Andri Cauldwell once stated: “To see in colour is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul”

Black and White Photography Course London

This hands-on workshop will offer students a fun and engaging environment in which to learn as they shoot, exploring with Ion the technical and creative elements of black and white photography. All the while our policy of teaching in small groups ensures that every student gets the individual attention that they need to learn and develop their skills.


The workshop will consist of two parts:

Part one is the photography; this will take place outdoors and will give students an understanding of the power of colours in black and white photography. We will also look into subjects and composition to discover what makes a good black and white photograph.

For part two the session will move indoors and cover post processing using Photoshop. This is a crucial step in black and white photography as you will learn how to convert your original colour image to black and white

 Black and White Photography Course London

What you will need:

For this course you will need a Digital SLR or professional Compact camera and a laptop with Photoshop installed. If you do not currently own a camera you are still welcome to attend the course and use one of our spare semi-professional DSLR cameras. Please notify us before the day of your course if you will require the use of our cameras so that we can ensure we have something available for you. Lighting equipment will be provided on the day.

 Black and White Photography Course London

What you will take away:

Photoion workshops offer an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your photographic skills. The tips, tricks and skills that you pick up in just one session with our professional photographers will stay with you for life. This course will give you the inspiration and the tools required to capture stunning black and white photographs that you can truly be proud of.

Black and White Photography Course London

Following on from this course our tutors are happy to assist with any future questions or problems you may have, with their unparalleled offer of unlimited follow-up email and telephone advice. You can also submit your work to our tutors for constructive feedback and possible inclusion on our site and in our blog.

 Black and White Photography Course London