Fashion Photography Workshop on 27th October. How’d it go?

Hello Photoion Students and Fans,

We recently held a Fashion Photography Course in the Vaults inside the Old Vic Tunnel (Leake Street) in central London. It was a fantastic event and we wanted to talk a little about it today.

The workshop gave participants the chance to witness a real fashion shoot with professional photographer and tutor Ion Paciu, designer David Ross, and model Jenny Fisher.

We kicked things off with an introduction by Ion, who laid out our agenda for the workshop.

We used two different spaces during the day; one room with a studio set up with a grey paper backdrop, and another with huge arches and spaces for environment shots so the students could make the most of the workshop; learning both how to shoot on location, and in a studio environment.

The lighting in the arch area was 2 x 500 watt Bowens, plus 3 small heads, 3 x 300 watts, and a couple of speedlites. Ion used mobile power pack batteries.

As well as David and Jenny, we had the fantastic make-up artist; Tamara Tott with us, making sure everyone looked as beautiful as possible.



The day started with the usual preparation, make-up and hair stylist Tamara was preparing our model Jenny for the first look wearing an eccentric grey coat from David.

When everything was prepared, we got to shooting and learning. We began by shooting against the grey backdrop; which is commonly used for fashion photographers learning the lighting schemes and positioning. Ion walked us through the different kinds of lighting that are typically used when photographing fashion shoots.


Behind the scenes


Jenny wearing a grey coat photographed against grey backdrop

After the studio shoot, we moved into the second room and experimented with environmental shots using the arches and different textures of the room as a background.

Behind the scenes, on location

Behind the scenes, photographing on location

fashion_photography_workshop_Jenny_grey_dress_wall fashion_photography_workshop_Jenny fashion_photography_workshop_Jenny_grey_coat_bricks

Then we moved back to a studio set up room, and got ready for the second look – Jenny wearing an amazing red coat.


fashion_photography_workshop_Jenny_red_coat_full_body_2-1 fashion_photography_workshop_Jenny_red_coat_flare fashion_photography_workshop_Jenny_red_coat_full_body

The last look – Jenny wearing a dress from David’s new collection.


Jenny wearing a grey coat photographed against grey backdrop in black and white

Jenny wearing a grey coat photographed against grey backdrop in black and white

We finished the day as we usually do, with a group shot.


We had an amazing day, and got a lot of really amazing shots. If you were there, we hope you had a wonderful time; and if you didn’t make it this time, we hope you’ll be able to make it to the next one!

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We are the Photoion Photography School, and we love everything to do with Photography. We are always reading about the latest techniques, equipment, and accessories. We endeavour to share what we are passionate about with you. Enthusiasm is contagious; and we would love for our readers to be as enthusiastic about Photography as we are. We are constantly teaching, shooting, and posting great images and stories so stay tuned!

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