Free Portfolio Review and Skills Development Advices Event

Free Portfolio Review and Skills Development Advices Event

Photoion Photography School is pleased to invite you to our Portfolio Review Event on the 14th of July between 4 and 8 pm at the Union Jack Club, Waterloo London.

Coming up for its first edition, Portfolio Review and Skills Development Advices Event is a unique opportunity to have your work reviewed for free by one of our tutors and get helpful insights, advice and a constructive critical appreciation of the work to develop your photography and your talents further.

Our tutors will help you understand whether you are achieving your personal goals in photography, and what you can do to improve your results.

(c) Ion Paciu, Scotland

(c) Ion Paciu, Scotland

The review is addressed to photographers of all levels – whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer you are welcomed to join us.  All you have to do is register! (Please see the registration details at the bottom of the page).

On a first come first served basis, each guest will spend 15 minutes sitting with a tutor, presenting and getting feedback on their body of work.

We suggest to have a purpose for the meeting and to communicate it to your reviewer in order to get the most out of it.

The only preparation required for the review is a portfolio.

What is a photo portfolio? A portfolio is a collection of various photos that showcases the best work and represents a photographic style of a photographer.  It also can focus on a single subject or can be selected and grouped around a certain theme or story.

If you are a beginner, bring any images that you feel need to be reviewed.

If you are a professional photographer, bring the actual portfolio you want to show to your clients.

Please bring with yourself up to 40 photos (preferably organized in not more than two groups) in printed or electronic forms.

The assessment is carried out by three of our tutors and photography experts:

  • Ion Paciu: Founder of the school, extremely talented tutor and professional photographer. He would like to see landscape, cityscapes, professional assignments, commercial and portrait photography with a particular emphasis on lighting and picture making. With his overwhelming energy and powerful vision, his understanding of art and customer needs, he can generously bring your photography to a new outstanding level of quality.
(c) Ion Paciu

(c) Ion Paciu

  • Tatiana Zigar: A professional photographer. Tatiana would like to see mobile photography, street photography, portraiture, landscape photography. She especially enjoys simplicity and elegance in the frame, intimacy and poetry in the representation of people.  She can advice you especially on composition and black and white photography, unfolding for you the mystery of a moment frozen in time and the theatricality of a scene.