Glamour Photography Workshop on 21st August 2014

Capturing glamour so that the image is both sensual and stylish takes confidence, practice and technique – but the good news is it can be learned.

The senior tutor at Photoion School, Ion Paciu, is running a Glamour Photography Workshop on August 21st, and there are still a couple of places available for anyone who wants to learn how to capture stunning glamour photographs. If this is a style of photography that interests you as an amateur or possibly as a future career option as a professional, this is a great opportunity to pick up some of the skills you need. If you plan to become a commercial photographer, glamour or boudoir photography is definitely a string worth adding to your bow.


Glamour Photography Workshop – Victoria

As well as learning about technical aspects such as choosing the right lighting, camera settings, lenses and accessories, one of the key skills you’ll learn on the day is how to work with the model. Directing a model can seem pretty daunting to an amateur but an experienced glamour model, Victoria (see her on the pictures), will help to put those attending at their ease on the day. This is an opportunity to gain the confidence you’ll need to get great glamour images. Aimed at all levels of competency, this is a practical, hands-on workshop where you will learn valuable skills in an exciting area of photography.


Come and join us on 21st August for this exciting glamour workshop and learn how to capture beautiful glamour photographs.



Glamour Photography Workshop in London – Victoria Glamour Portraits


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