Hands in Photography

Today we’re doing something a little bit different. We’ve collected together a series of images featuring the hands (many of which belong to famous photographers) to give you an insight into the hands that craft the art that we all love.

One of the joys of the art of photography is the ability to tell a story through the use of images. As photographers, we freeze a snapshot of time, capturing it in our lens, and we present that moment to world. Each of these images presents a unique story told through the hands of the subject.

Miles Davies hand by Irving Penn

The hand of Miles Davies by Irving Penn

Photo by Elliott Erwitt

Photo (c) Elliott Erwitt, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 1968.

Photography by Garry Winogrand

Photo (c) Garry Winogrand


Photo (c) Matt Stewart

Photograph by Harold Feinstein, 1978

Photo (c) Harold Feinstein, 1978

Photograph by Ralph Gibson

Photo (c) Ralph Gibson


Photo (c) Michael David Adams


Photo (c) Arno Rafael Minkkinen

We hope you enjoyed this collection and it’s given you some ideas for your own work. Which image is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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