Students get a Hands On Fashion Shoot Experience with Photoion!

Whilst we here at Photoion pride ourselves on offering interactive courses that create a realistic ‘real world’ experience whilst shooting in different environments, we do understand that you can’t always exchange it for the real thing….

So of course what do we do? We invite some of our incredibly talented students to come with our Master Trainer Ion Paciu whilst he shot for the fantastic Galamoda Management- an International Fashion Company in Kuwait! Our talented students Paul, Rob and Emily joined Ion and got to see and experience a commercial photo shoot in reality. They were able to help with the shooting, setting up shots and simply shadow Ion whilst he created the ‘money making’ shots he was hired to capture.

This is a unique opportunity offered by us here at the Photoion Photography where Students get a hands on fashion shoot experience! Check out the fantastic images captured by the man himself:


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As we’re now in the new year, what challenges are you setting your