iPhone Photography Awards 2014

With smartphones becoming more and more involved in everything we do, it is no surprise that there is now an annual international awards ceremony which celebrates the best of iPhone photography from around the world. Now in its eighth year, the iPhone Photography Awards (IPP Awards) is now stronger than ever as more professional photographers and amateur hobbyists are taking serious, beautiful and challenging photographs with their iPhones. A far cry from a picture of a burger with an instagram filter, these iPhone photographers capture nature, art and the human condition with their phones.

So what stood out at this years’ awards? This years’ entries represent a wide range of photographic styles, including nature photography, portraiture, fine art photography and street photography, and come from an astounding 57 different countries. The winning photography by Julio Lucas from the USA is a beautiful landscape piece, with snowy mountains and dark shadows accentuated by the lone human figure in the bottom corner.

© JULIO LUCAS - United States - 1st Place Winner

© JULIO LUCAS, United States, 1st Place Winner

The second entry couldn’t be further away from the first; an artistic portrait piece in black and white with stylised shadows, which shows the vast range of styles on offer in the competition.

© JOSE LUIS BARCIA FERNANDEZ - Madrid, Spain - 2nd Place Winner

© JOSE LUIS BARCIA FERNANDEZ, Spain, 2nd Place Winner

© JILL MISSNER - Ridgefield, CT United States - 3rd Place Winner

© JILL MISSNER, United States, 3rd Place Winner

As well as the overall Photographer of the Year award, there are also individual awards for various categories, including still life, nature, architecture, food, lifestyle, and many more, so whatever your photographic style, you’re bound to find something to interest you. Here are our favourites:

© YILANG PENG - Madison, WI United States - 1st Place Winner - Architecture category

© YILANG PENG, United States, 1st Place Winner in Architecture category