January 2017 Photography Student of the Month

Hello Photoion students and photography fans, it’s time for another Student of the Month interview.

Each month we select one of our students who have shown the best progress and we showcase some of their work. We also sit down with them to learn about their photography journey and where they are going with their craft next. The winner also gets a £50 voucher to be redeemed against any of our courses.

This month we sat down with Alkiviadis Tsitsigkos to learn about their journey.

I have been passionate about photography for years, but because of work, hobbies, and other life commitments, I never got around to properly getting into photography. It was always a camera on the mobile phone that would do the trick.

In 2015 I decided to do my first mountaineering trip after having been inspired by a movie. I had my reasons and I was determined to try the adventurous challenge on ascending Mont Blanc. This serious trip was also a reality check, as I would not accept climbing the French Alps and not taking amazing photos. I had to create amazing memories.

January 2017 Photography Student of the Month
In March 2015, after some research, I booked my first beginners’ class with Photoion Photography School, and boy was I in for a ride to new beginnings! I was absolutely oblivious to the concepts and the settings of a camera but I always considered Photography as a type of Art, and I was right.

Funny fact, I went to the class with a little digital compact camera (as mountaineering requires as little weight as possible on you), and now I have my own Photography business, but more on that later.

January 2017 Photography Student of the Month
I walked into the class and felt like it was my first time in school and there I met the legend and mentor Ion Paciu, who quickly made me feel super comfortable. Also, I believe that being an absolute beginner gave Ion the opportunity to to pass on his knowledge in the way he acquired his, with hard practice through the years. And that is the spirit that he has passed down to me, and the rest of his students.

January 2017 Photography Student of the Month
In one weekend he opened my eyes and showed me the light during that mind blowing photography weekend. I learnt so many new things, and new skills that I never knew I had surfaced. That was my wake up call only to realise that Photography would become a great passion of mine.

January 2017 Photography Student of the Month
After the course he advised me on buying proper DSLR professional equipment, and so I did. I carried a lot of extra weight in Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc summits, but I was determined, I wanted to, and continue to want to make amazing photos and great memories.

January 2017 Photography Student of the Month
Since then I’ve attended a lot more courses with Ion; such as the advanced photography course where we learnt about the magic of long exposure and filters amongst many other things, the night photography course where we go introduced to the golden hour and magic time, and the speedlite photography course where we learnt how to use the off the camera flash technique to make amazing portraits.

January 2017 Photography Student of the Month
I am always eager to learn and I was hungry for knowledge so I kept going, and Ion kept delivering more and more about the secrets and beauty of light. I would have never thought that I would do so many classes but my thinking is, the more I learn about photography and the light, the better my eyes and expertise will become. I did studio light, food, portrait, wildlife, product, and macro photography with Photoion School and I only kept realizing that this passion has become love. I will embrace it and make the most out of it.

January 2017 Photography Student of the Month
Since then, my skills have boosted, my eyes see things that I never noticed before, I am making images that will amaze people and that is always on the back of my mind. This hobby recently moved into a professional business level after setting up my company in London.

Photography has become my passion and love of mine, and I want to use this to to give people amazing ever-lasting memories. However, when I am not doing that, you will find me out there making photos and inviting people to experience the world through my lenses.

Until the next adventure comes, I bestow the light upon you all to keep you happy and smiley.

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