London Speedlite Photography Workshop – Creating a LOT with a little.



On the 14th November 2013- a group of students attended the Photoion Photography School Course – London Speedlite Photography Workshop. The ultimate Speedlite/Flashgun Photography Course. Taking place at the Union Jack Club in London, we had the privilege of having ‘Gothic Style’ Jasmine to model for us (her first time no less) and was certainly an excellent subject (as you can see from the pictures above and below!)



Students during this Speedlite Photography Workshop were given the opportunity to learn crucial information about camera settings. The flash, the trigger and other relevant accessories are all very important for this technique. Showing them this fascinating information was Photoion School’s experienced and talented tutors who educated the students in a creative, inspiring learning environment.


Learning everything they need to know about effectively lighting their subjects. Beginning with just one speedlite you will then move on to two or three. During this Speedlight Photography Workshop they began to create increasingly dramatic and beautiful shots. And you can see a selection of them below:

london_photography_courses_speedlite_workshop_1 london_photography_courses_speedlite_workshop_2 london_photography_courses_speedlite_workshop_4

Our photography school has a policy of teaching in small groups means our students receive the individual attention they need. Be confident that this Speedlite Photography Workshop will enable You to to learn and develop your skills easily and effectively just as it has with our other students.

london_photography_courses_speedlite_workshop_5 london_photography_courses_speedlite_workshop_6 london_photography_courses_speedlite_workshop_7

The most crucial aspect our students learnt was how to use all their equipment in full manual mode, this gives them ultimate control over their speedlites and creative settings. By the end of this fun and engaging course, the setting of the flash power and positioning of the flashes became instinctive.

london_photography_courses_speedlite_workshop_8 london_photography_courses_speedlite_workshop_9

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