Macro Photography Workshop 09/02/13

We have an incredible opportunity coming up this Saturday to take part in our Macro Photography Workshop. There are still spaces available for anyone who is interested in learning how to capture the most amazing high quality, close up photographs. The course details are below, please click on any of the images in this blog to contact us and book your place today, you do not want to miss out on this one of a kind, fascinating workshop.


Course Description:

Learn to create images that are quite literally larger than life with our exclusive one day Macro Photography Workshop. Under the guidance of our experienced tutors students will be given the opportunity to seek out beauty in the most hidden of places, capturing sharp, creative close up images of a variety of subjects. You will be amazed at what you will find when you delve into the fascinating world of Macro Photography.

The day will be split between theoretical and practical sessions, with students encouraged to learn as they shoot. There will also be ample opportunity to review your work and to watch our professional tutors in action.

Course Topics:

– Cameras, lenses, lighting and accessories required for macro photography

– Core principles and concepts of macro photography

– Core features of your camera (DSLR & Compact)

– Macro lighting techniques

– Composition


What you will need: 

All that you will need is a basic knowledge of camera lenses, aperture, shutter speed and ISO including exposure modes. If you do not possess this knowledge then why not start off with our 2 day Digital Photography for Beginners course to get you up to speed.

A Digital SLR or professional Compact camera with full manual exposure and telephoto lens is also required, but don’t worry, if you do not currently own a camera you are still welcome to attend the course and use one of our spare semi-professional DSLR cameras. Please notify us before the day of your course if you will require the use of our cameras so that we can ensure we have something available for you.


What you will take away:

Photoion workshops offer an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your photographic skills. The tips, tricks and skills that you pick up in just one day with our professional photographers will stay with you for life. Of course you will also take away a selection of unique and original new macro images for your portfolio.

Following on from this course our tutors are happy to assist with any future questions or problems you may have, with their unparalleled offer of unlimited follow-up email and telephone advice. You can also submit your work to our tutors for constructive feedback and possible inclusion on our site and in our blog.



Booking details:

Price: £145

Course limited to 5 persons

Duration: One day (10.30 am to 4.00 pm)

Location: Union Jack Club, Sandell Street, London, Waterloo, SE1 8U

Buy your Open Date gift vouchers:

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