Are you ready for your close up? Macro Photography Workshop London

In life, not everybody has the ability to see the unseen; those things, that when focused on, are stunning. A raindrop on a fresh green leaf, a freshly formed icicle sparkling in the contrasting sun or the colour changes in a perfectly formed flower.

As a photographer, you have a built in foresight that not only allows you to notice these small little wonders, but project them on a larger scale and show off their true beauty to the rest of the unknowing world.


By using this technique, a photographer gains the power to open eyes to a whole new world that would otherwise go unnoticed. The best part is, this skill is no longer one that costs a small fortune or is way out of any photographers reach; at our Macro Photography Workshop London, we can teach you to embody all these skills and show your work off to your ever loyal audience.

At our latest session, held on 28th September by experienced tutor Ben Quinton, our students learned a massive plethora of skills, all of which fuse together to create stunning images by very gifted photographers.

Areas covered included:

  • How to handle Macro equipment
  • Camera settings
  • Lenses
  • Finding the best subjects for a Macro photograph
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Backgrounds

Below is an absolutely stunning, and very canvas-worthy, photograph that was taken on the day.

Macro Class sample

Taken by a student at the Macro class 28/09/2013

You see, at our classes, we encourage hands on participation; we love to teach on a practical level and are true believers and advocates of the theory ‘The proof is in the pudding!’

Tutor Ben is a London-based freelance portrait, documentary and editorial photographer. Absolutely equipped with the finest skills to pass on to budding and seasoned photographers, Ben is a regular contributor to the Saturday Telegraph Magazine, Monocle and Guardian Weekend.

Ben creates a buzz around the class, all of which run with an unrivalled air of passion. At Macro Photography Workshop London, we want you to feel totally at ease and in the right hands as soon as you walk through the door.


Ben Quinton

Our next class is due to take place on 17th October and promises to be yet another dazzling learning curve for all who attend. Places book up quickly so we recommend that you secure your place early in order to guarantee that you get in on the day.

Expand your photography horizons and portfolio by attending our workshop; a bow with extra strings fires the better arrows!

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