Masters of Photography: Chris Burkard

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Today we’ve got another entry of our Masters of Photography series for you.

If you’re new to the series, the Masters of Photography series looks at some of the most influential photographers of the last hundred years and examines their life and work.

The 21st century photographer Chris Bunkard is a worthy addition to our masters of photography series. He has travelled around the world to the most extreme climates to capture the most stunning photographs. Bunkard is able to capture images that not only tell a story, but show the beauty of wild landscapes, as well as emphasising how important it is to preserve them.

masters of photography Chris Burkard

(c) Chris Burkard

Born on March 12, 1986. Bunkard has always lived close to the ocean so growing up he was into water sports particularly body surfing and surfboarding. Once Bunkard graduated from Arroy Grande Hight School, he sought to use photography as his ticket to explore the world and document action sports. So he started exploring the art of photography, first with film and then in the 2000’s he upgraded to digital. In 2006, Burkard shadowed large format landscape photographer Michael Fatali; whose images of the American Southwest desert are published frequently. Later that year, Burkard interned under Transworld Surfing photo editor, Pete Taras.

masters of photography Chris Burkard

(c) Chris Burkard

Bunkard is captivated by the beauty of the colder and more dramatic environments. This contrasts with the main idea that people have of surfing, they imagine the beach the warm water and the sun burns.

Furthermore Chris has organised trips to some of the coldest places in the world, as well as explore the globe for perfect waves in the harsh cold environments. Chris has travelled to 6 continents, including countries like Norway, the Faroe Islands, India, Cuba, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland and Italy. He has made 21 trips to Iceland.

masters of photography Chris Burkard

(c) Chris Burkard

Now at the age 32 Chris has become an influencer more than anything, his innovative perspective has allowed him to organise a business with over 500 clients, speak on the TED stage, design product lines, publish a growing collection of books, and keep wowing people with his photos.

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