Hello Photoion students and photography fans,

Today we’ve got another entry of our Masters of Photography series for you.

If you’re new to the series, the Masters of Photography series looks at some of the most influential photographers of the last hundred years and examines their life and work.

The 21st century photographer Chris Bunkard is a worthy addition to our masters of photography series. He has travelled around the world to the most extreme climates to capture the most stunning photographs. Bunkard is able to capture images that not only tell a story, but show the beauty of wild landscapes, as well as emphasising how important it is to preserve them.

masters of photography Chris Burkard

(c) Chris Burkard

Born on March 12, 1986. Bunkard has always lived close to the ocean so growing up he was into water sports particularly body surfing and surfboarding. Once Bunkard graduated from Arroy Grande Hight School, he sought to us