Masters of Photography Steve McCurry

One of the features of our blog will be our Masters of Photography series, where we aim to highlight some of the best and most innovative artists with the hope of inspiring you with the work of our heroes. First up is contemporary American photojournalist Steve McCurry.

A breathtakingly brave photographer, McCurry made his name by sneaking into rebel controlled areas of Afghanistan during the Soviet Invasion. Escaping with film sewn into his clothing, McCurry’s images were published worldwide, providing the first candid look into the conflict.

Steve McCurry continued to gain critical acclaim for his coverage of war zones from the Gulf War to the Cambodian Civil War, each producing a series of portraits that seem to show the very souls of their subjects. McCurry’s frank and honest images give human faces to horrors of war and bring home a shocking reality that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Heavily published in National Geographic and praised for his exceptional courage and enterprise, McCurry has been the recipient of numerous awards including Magazine Photographer of the year and an unprecedented four first place prizes in the World Press Photo contest.

We hope that you will be inspired as we are by Steve McCurry’s ability to look into the very heart of a war zone and capture the souls of the people that it affects the most. To find such beauty and innocence in the most horrific places on earth is a true art.

Of all the many countries that Steve has travelled to his heart seems to have always lied within India. This is demonstrated beautifully in the “Steve McCurry – India” exhibition that is currently residing at Chris Beetles Fine Photographs on Swallow Street in London. This is the first time that an exhibition of his finest Indian photography has been curated and we would highly recommend that you head over and check it out.

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