Masters of Photography Tim Walker

In the second instalment of our Masters of Photography series we will be taking a look at stylish and creative British fashion photographer Tim Walker. We want to use these blogs to show you the truly unique voices in photography, and Walker’s eccentric style and magical compositions put him firmly in the category of unique.



Walker began his photographic journey working as a freelance assistant in London before moving to New York to work worth American fashion and portrait photographer Richard Avedon. Returning to England inspired, he focused mainly on his portrait and documentary work for UK newspapers, before at the age of 25 shooting his first fashion story for Vogue.

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Tim’s extravagant settings and theatrical characters have become a perfect fit for Vogue, filling their pages countless times over the years with stunningly creative images of beautiful models in outlandish fantastical compositions. His unique style and craft have earned Walker both the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator, and the Infinity Award from the International Centre of Photography in New York, and established his reputation as a true master in his field.

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Both the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery display Tim Walker images in their exhibitions, and we would highly recommend that you pay them a visit.

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While his exhibition Storyteller has unfortunately just finished its run at Somerset House, the book by the same name is available to buy and features 175 inspirational examples of his exemplary commitment to creativity and photographic art. Click the image below to find this one of a kind book on Amazon.

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Tim Walker’s work should be a great source of inspiration for photographers in any field, his fashion photography has demonstrated beautifully that with a little creative flair fantastic stories can be played out and a lifetime of emotions can be evoked through the use of one still image. We love his distinctive style and theatrical compositions and we hope that you will too.

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Masters of Photography Tim Walker