Musical instruments from inside by Mierswa&Kluska: Photographs portray the essence of music

Music is a concept that can be difficult to reflect visually. However, a fascinating project to promote the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Berliner Philharmoniker) has captured the splendour of orchestral music in a spellbinding series of images.

Art Directors Bjoern Ewers and Mona Sibai used a picture of New York’s Grand Central Station as a starting point. In this shot the light streams through the windows, highlighting certain areas and people on the floor beneath. Inspired, photographers Mierswa and Kluska then took macro images of the inside of several musical instruments, with light filtering through the holes. The results are breathtaking.

Grand Central Station, New York by Hal Morey

Grand Central Station, New York by Hal Morey

The inside of the violin has swirls of light mirroring the shape of the F Holes. The interior of the instrument is celestial, giving the impression of space and echo – dust motes dancing in time with the musical notes.

music_photography_Mierswa_KluskaThe majestic architecture of the Cello is also demonstrated to full effect.


Enter the tunnel of the flute. Light coming through the keyholes refracts as it hits the sweeping inner curve of the flute’s body, inviting the observer to imagine sliding down to infinity.

The image of the guitar shows its solid beams, the construction of the instrument robust and methodical. Light floods through the sound hole, showing the craftsmanship in the creation of the instrument and also highlighting the beautiful natural grain of the wood. Again, the sense of space is convincingly communicated by the photograph.

The pipe organ’s interior is a mass of steps of differing heights and widths that accurately convey the sound of the instrument’s huge range of sounds and tone.

music_photography_Mierswa_Kluska_6 music_photography_Mierswa_Kluska_5
Musicians and audiences alike find sanctuary, inspiration and emotion in music. These riveting images capture this, and more. The project creates a perfect symphony of the visual and the auditory.