Capture Halloween in a different way on our Night Photography Course

Ghoulish ghosts and wicked witches line the streets of the UK every Halloween, all in search for treats not tricks and armed with backs to fill with such delights.

However, when it comes to snapping the little critters, night photography as a whole suddenly becomes something of a pain to master.

At Photoion Photography School, this Halloween we are bringing you a course that will allow you to be snap happy and confident with your picture taking skills at night time.

As a time of the 24 hour day that graces us on Earth, dusk to nighttime is most certainly one of the most visually stunning to take images, and our course embodies this and passes you all the right skills, tips and tricks that will make your night photography truly second to none.

At Photoion, our night photography course is very much a hands on kind of deal; we don’t believe in preaching, we believe in teaching! You will get up close and personal with your subjects and are expected to go full throttle with your shots; we don’t do it for you, we want you to learn the expertise of night photography in the most practical way possible.

Travelling to a number of fantastic locations, including Big Ben and Golden Jubilee Bridges, our night photography course not only offers to teach you, but we encourage you to unleash your creativity in order to capture that photography moment that every photographer hunts for.

When it comes to our tutors, the are experienced and extremely talented. You will be taught the principles of photography that cover:

  • Concepts
  • Composition
  • Relevant camera settings
  • Effective use of different lenses

We never teach in large groups and believe this is imperative in order to give all our students the attention they need in order to truly develop skills.

A basic knowledge of photography is recommended, if you don’t have this, give our 2 day beginners course a whirl before booking onto courses that are a little more advanced.

A Digital SLR or professional Compact camera with full manual exposure and a wide-angle lens are also required, but if you can’t get your hands on one, we can help out, just let us know before you turn up.

Our fabulous tutors are also on hand to give you the very best advice they have, and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The course takes place on 31st October, between 6pm-9pm, and costs just £95 to take part.

To book head on over to our booking page here.

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