Our recent Art Nude Photography Workshop, how’d it go?

Our recent Art Nude Photography Workshop, how’d it go?

Hello Photoion Students and Photography fans. Today we’re going to be recapping our recent Art Nude Photography Workshop.

Art Nude photography is one of the most intimate forms, and can be really intimidating starting out, but the small group of Students did amazingly.

Our model for the day was the beautiful Embrace Velvet, and we were located in our usual setting; the Union Jack Club. We love the Union Jack because it’s just so versatile.


Nude sitting on the chair.


After beginning the day with an introduction to Art Nude photography, Ion and the group moved on to talk about light, which is important in all photography, but particularly in Art Nude photography as it establishes the entire tone of the images.


Nude in standing position.

After the technical aspects had been covered, Ion and the group moved on to begin capturing images, and as you can see below, the results are stunning!










If you would like to learn more about our Art Nude Photography Workshops, please visit this page.

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