Out of the Phone

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a complete novice, there’s no doubt about it – everybody loves Instagram. You don’t have to be a tripod-wielding, pinhole-staring fanatic to take fantastic photos these days; with a little help from Valencia anyone can be a photographer. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before someone cashed-in on the inexperienced voyeurs of Instagram and compiled a book – and it’s an absolute charm.


Rue des Petits-Champs, Paris, France (c) Stéphane Arnaud, Out Of The Phone

Documenting 100 gorgeously composed photos, an endearing mix of amateur and seasoned artists come together in one place to showcase Instagram’s finest. The book was compiled by this decade’s favourite medium – the hashtag – with individuals posting their photos accompanied by #outofthephone (the name of the book itself) after Pierre Legovic, the genius who started the concept, called for “1 hashtag/10 days/100 photographs” and thus birthed the best photography book of the year.


Mohammed Hider Harara poses at his house with artillery holes left by Israeli forces in Alshjaia, Gaza. (c) Q. Sakamaki, Out Of The Phone

The outcome of the project is incredible – the photos are an eclectic mix of people, places, backgrounds, cultures… there is something from everyone, for everyone. 25 different countries appear in the beautifully glossy pages of Out of the Phone, and every image has its own personal feel. The accompanying writing is minimal, and the photographs stand alone in their own right without any need for justification or explanation.


Pear tarts, Melbourne, Australia (c) Mariela Angela, Out Of The Phone

Although not yet released, a wealth of interest has been drummed up surrounding this novel publication, although not all of it is initially positive. There has been much debate over how anybody can be sure the photos are all taken using a phone camera and not just scanned in, with several enthusiasts chiming in that it doesn’t seem controlled or fair to those who participated genuinely.


An alley in an old part of Kish Island, Iran. (c) Ako Salemi, Out Of The Phone

What is your opinion on this soon-to-be-released book? Would you take part? We’d love to hear what you think, so please get in touch!