Greetings Photoion students and photography fans, we’ve got another entry in our masters of photography series for you today. This series looks at the life and work of some of the 20th century’s most important photographers.

This time we are taking a look at the work of Pedro Luis Raota.

Luis Raota

Born in 1934 in Buenos Aires, Raota came from a family of farmers who expected him to follow in their footsteps and continue the family trade.

(c) Pedro Luis Raota

Raoto had different plans, however. He sold his bicycle to pay for his first camera and soon began to capture portrait images.

It wasn’t long before he left his hometown to establish a photography studio in Villaguay. It was here that Raoto earned the first of his many prizes for his photography. He would go on to be the most award-winning photographer in Argentina.

Much of Raoto’s work focused on the working class, with many of his images portraying their lives of hard work and toil. His early work, in particular, was shot with high co