Photo of the Month Competition: February 2016

Photo of the Month Competition: February 2016

Hello Photoion Students and photography fans. It’s time for another Photo of the Month Competition.
Each month we set a theme for photographers to capture images for, with the chance of winning £100 in Photoion course vouchers. The competition is a great chance to put all the skills you learn on our courses to use, and be in with the chance of winning a prize too!

As we’re still in the part of the year where darkness comes early, the theme for this month’s competition will be Night Photography so that you can make the most of those early sunsets.

Here are some top tips to help you get the best night images possible:

  1. The sky is a huge aspect of night photography, and can make or break your image, so it’s important to choose your location carefully for the best view of the sky.
  2. Get to your location before the sun sets if possible. Not only does this give you the longest amount of time to capture a wide range of images of the night sky, it will also give you the chance to capture the sun set.
  3. If you live in an urban area, try and stay close to the lights of the city to minimise the dark-sides in your images.
  4. Experiment with exposures to create different and interesting images. Try experimenting with different EV, including negative, and review the results carefully to get the most out of your images.

How to enter

To enter into the Photoion Photo of the Month competition, and be in with the chance of winning the £100 in course vouchers, submit your best image using the form below. Images should be in JPEG format, and no smaller than 1000 pixels on their widest side.

Entry opens on Monday 1st February 2016 and closes Monday 23:59 29th February 2016.

The winning entry will be selected by a panel of Photoion Photography School judges. Judges decision is final.

By entering you agree to our full terms and conditions

Get out there and capture the night!
Happy shooting.

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