Hello Photoion students and fans. It’s time for another one of our Photo of the Month competitions!

Every month we hold a competition with a different theme that gives you the chance to win £100 in Photoion course vouchers. The competition is open to everyone.

This month’s topic will be:

Minimalist Photography

Minimalist photography presents a unique set of challenges to even the most experienced photographer. It can be easier to create an interesting image by using a small amount of elements in your composition and flat background. But to make a photograph interesting while working with so little can be very challenging.

Here are a few tips to help you take the best images possible:

Keep it simple: Less is more and powerful! A great way to keep your image simple is to use a fairly neutral background. Keep to one or two colours in your background, and avoid any “loud” patterns or features that might distract from your subject.

Neutral Background: Using a neutral background doesn’t mean your photograph will be necessarily boring. For example, by photographing a subject against very bright / flat background can produce some great photographs by keeping some visual interest without detracting from and enhancing your subject.

– Focus on the essence: Try to expose the essentials and define the subject through including as less possible of other non-essential elements.

Leave room for interpretation: Compose your image in such way leaving the meaning and interpretation up to the viewer. Their perception will ultimately define the final R