Hello, Photoion students and fans. It’s time for another Photo of the Month competition!

Every month we hold a competition with a new theme that gives you the chance to win £100 in Photoion course vouchers.

This month’s topic will be:

 Motion Photography

Most of the time when we capture images we want everything in the frame to be static and in sharp focus. Motion photography gives you a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and capture some exciting new type of images.

Here are a few tips to help you take the best images possible:

– Make use of panning: By panning the camera while capturing an image of a moving subject, you can create the sense of movement by blurring the background and showing that the subject is moving very quickly or creating the illusion that the subject is moving while subject is stationary.

– Experiment with exposure times: If your subject is something at which you can point the camera at for an extended period of time, then playing with exposure time is a fantastic way to create some otherworldly images.

Capturing images with moving lights or water is particularly effective with this technique.

– Zoom, zoom, zoom!: If you find that your image still needs some extra wow factor, try zooming in with your lens during a long exposure shot. The result will give the viewer the feeling that they are there in the frame and that they are moving too.

Also our article on Creative Photography Techniques might be of help, you can see it here.

How to Enter

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