Photography Courses for Beginners in Central London

During the last 2 day Photography Courses for Beginners in Central London on the South Bank of Thames, the students once again achieved some interesting effects in their images. This happened after only a few hours spent with the trainer. See  samples below:


If you have a keen interest in photography and want to learn how to compose and capture professional shots then our Digital Photography Courses  for Beginners in Central London are  for you. This engaging course takes place over 2 days. They comprise theory and practical work. This includes plenty of hands on exercises and  inspiring  examples. There are also impromptu demonstrations. You will be given the opportunity to shoot both indoors and out to master effects, composition and lighting.




Students  were very curious and had lots of fun at the same time.  Ion Paciu, the tutor on the day, didn’t miss these funny moments and  snapped a few quick shots of the participants:




And the group shot of the day:


Our  Photography Courses for Beginners in Central London cover everything from shooting modes and techniques, to shutter speed, exposure and flash use. The course is open to  complete beginners with no experience required. It is undoubtedly a great way to kick start your photographic journey. Experienced photographers who are also  looking for a refresher course are welcome too. Our professional tutors will be on hand to organise the day around your specific needs and skills.

The topics of the Course are:

– Introduction to Photography

– Understanding Digital Cameras

– Lenses and Focal Length

– Exposure, Light Meter, Aperture, Shutter Speeds, ISO, Focus

– Depth of Field (DOF)

– Advanced exposure modes – Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority

– Using the Pop-up Flash

– Basic rules of composition

– The basics of Resolution and File Formats

– Camera Kit – Maintenance and Care

Beginners Photography Course London

London Digital Photography Courses For Beginners

What you will take away:

Photoion offers one of the best  Photography Courses for Beginners in Central London. After just 2 days you should be able to effectively use your camera’s advanced shooting modes. This also  includes manual mode. You will also learn to take correctly exposed photographs for different situations (people, city scape, landscape, etc.). Using shutter speed, aperture and depth of field creatively will also be part of the course outcomes.

As a students will leave our course with a basic understanding of different effects and their uses. You will know how to use the pop up flash effectively. Our students then begin combining elements and understanding the composition of a photograph. You will also be able to  make informed decisions about resolution, file size and formats.

Following on from our DSLR  Photography Courses for Beginners in Central London our tutors are happy to assist with any future questions or problems you may have. Their  offer of unlimited follow-up email and telephone advice is unparalleled. You can also submit your work to our tutors for constructive feedback and possible inclusion on our site and in our blog.

Photography for Beginners

Booking details:

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