Following the iconic World Press Photo Contest, which saw Paul Hansen take the title of World Press Photo of the Year, the winning images are now being prepared to start the annual tour.

The winning image fought off competition from 5,666 other photographers and depicts the scene of a Gaza burial, where two uncles are carrying the bodies of their dead nephews to a mosque for their funeral in Gaza City. The two boys, Muhammad, 4,  and Suhaib Hijazi, 2, were killed when their house was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike on 19 November. Father Fouad was also killed in the blast.

The technical aspects of the photograph are as follows:

SHUTTER SPEED: 1/800 sec
ISO: 400

The exhibition is set to be officially opened in Amsterdam, with people being welcomed to view the images of the press from that year at 100 venues around the globe until March of the following year.

Covering 100 cities in 45 countries, it is truly a global event that is a massive highlight in the calendar of the World Press.


A real showcase and platform that demonstrates the creativity and ability of photo journalists, the collection has some of the most startling and poignant images from the news that year.

At Photoion Photography School London, we love proving that a photojournalist is very different from a paparazzi; many of the images are stunning and striking and serve as a reminder of just what other press photographers have the power to achieve. It’s not all about getting that shot up the skirt of a z-list celebrity.


A massive variety of people enjoy visiting the event due to the wide raging content that is on offer; people aren’t scared by it because they know what the pictures represent.

The collection serves as a fantastic reminder to the human race of everything that has occurred that year, both good and bad, allowing for lessons to be learned and good deeds to be carried on.