Photography Student of the Month: April 2017

Every month we select a student that the tutors feel have showed an extraordinary amount of promise, passion and dedication. The student receives a £50 voucher that can be used against any of our courses.

This month the winner is Yael Berkowicz who has recently attended our Beginners course. We sat down with Yael to learn how they got started in photography.

‘Ever since I can remember my Mum has been obsessed with her camera. Whenever we went on fun trips or holiday my siblings and I knew it would come along with a lot of posing for the camera. However much we hated it, we knew to just listen to my Mum and pose as she asked, so that we could get on with the fun day ahead.

Photography Student of the Month April 2017
I am currently an Art GCSE teacher. I previously studied graphics design and Photoshop. Naturally photography was next on the list. Within the first hour of my beginner’s course at Photoion Photography School I fell in love with my camera. Now I understood my Mum’s passion. The second day of the course, when we went out to central London to practise shooting, I was behaving like a little school girl trying hard to stop myself from getting over excited and showing Ion every other picture I took. Ion was extremely patient and his enthusiasm so catchy.

Photography Student of the Month April 2017
Luckily for me, my husband and kids have been very patient with me and my newfound hobby. My camera comes with me everywhere.

Photography Student of the Month April 2017
My goal is to keep practising and improving. I want it to come naturally to me, not to have to think too much before adjusting my settings according to the lighting and subject I am shooting. I want to be able to look back in a year’s time at the photos I am proud to post today and see how much I have improved. I hope to teach photography A level in the future, and I am excited to take the other courses Photoion has to offer me to help me be a better teacher and photographer.’