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There is a rumour that Canon would take the leap and launch a medium format DSLR camera. Last year in August, it was suggested to expect a Canon Medium Format DSLR but the rumour came across like a suggestion or a joke or something not really likely to happen. Several months later, the photographer Krik Tuck made  a similar announcement.

















It is yet unclear how likely this is to happen  and how serious Canon is about this possibility, currently the rumours become more and more serious.

According to Northlight Images suggestion, Canon has been “investing significantly in a major European medium format digital camera manufacturer.” This apparently due to a shrinking demand for compact cameras. Northlight stated: “At the moment, there is no talk of an outright purchase, but it remains an option.”

Canon spokesman, Fol Ja Nau said: ‘We were not content to play in the secondary photographic market behind Phase One and Hasselblad. With declining sales in the compact camera (point and shoot) markets we wanted to find a niche with fast and sustainable growth and very good profit margins.’


As always, until more official or non official sources will confirm or deny these rumours , we suggest to wait and see what will happen and wait for updates from Canon or other trusted sources.

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