Photoion Photography Awards 2017 – Who are the Winners?

Today we are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2017 Photoion Photography Awards.

For the last 5 years, we have been publishing this awards book as a way to celebrate our students. Each year we pick 50 images submitted by students to be included in the final book.

Every year the number of students submitting to this competition keeps growing. This makes our job of choosing the images to be included harder each year.

But with that challenge comes the joy of looking through all the incredible entries.

So who are the top 3 winners of the 2017 awards?

In 1st place, we have the picture “Always Protect You” by Ilona Suppal. Ilona has won a £400 voucher to be redeemed against any of our courses.

Always Protect You by Ilona Suppal – 1st Place winner of the Photoion Photography Awards 2017

In 2nd place we have the image, “Old English Roses” by Julie Elmes. Julie has won herself a £250 voucher towards our courses.

Old English Roses by Julie Elmes – 2nd Place winner of the Photoion Photography Awards 2017

And in 3rd place, we have “Lights Out” by Stefano Arone. This image has won Stefano £150 in course vouchers.

Lights Out by Stefano Arone – 3rd Place Winner of the Photoion Photography Awards 2017

We hope you will join us in congratulating all of our winners and don’t forget to check out the 2017 Photoion Awards book to see which 50 images made the final cut, you can do it here: