At Photoion London Photography we like to point our lens at other photographers. We enjoy seeing just what is going on in the world of photography. We love teaching on our own photography workshops and courses in London.

By keeping an eye out we can also keep refreshing what we teach.It gives us the opportunity to see new faces, new talents and we enjoy helping our students to get the very best from their desire to take great photographs.

Will students on our London Photography courses follow her footsteps?

It is interesting to note that photographer Zena Holloway’s work has made a distinct leap. She is not only being considered as a commercial photographer but an artist. Her pictures are now being sold by the Saatchi Gallery and she is listed as one of their ones to watch. We wonder just how many of our students on our Photoion London Photography courses will follow in her footsteps.

Holloway’s area of specialism is underwater photography.

This is a very difficult skill to master. She has created some stunning photographs which really accentuate the magical qualities water brings. The ability to capture the slow-moving and intense reactions which occur is a skillful display of the highly skilled technical aspects of underwater photography. Simply operating underwater takes considerable practise. Yet her work is much more than a sum of parts. Her photographs are not just technical excellence. The mystical other-worldly images are provocative and simply stunning. Our students on Photoion London Photography workshops are often really pleased with the results they achieve in just one or two days. We are left  wondering what Zena feels when she has completed a shoot producing pictures like these here.

Holloway’s work is much in demand. Anyone coming across her pictures for the first time will find them arresting. It is not surprising therefore to see that Zena Holloway has garnered a number of international prizes. She is sought after by magazine and media editors all over the world. Holloway also includes Fabergé, Kylie Minogue, Nike, Umbro, Sony, National Geographic and Jacuzzi in her client list.

If you are just learning how to take photographs underwater then it is worth bearing a few basic things in mind. Although it is an extraordinarily complex aspect of photography to undertake.

Photoion London Photography’s Tips for More Successful Underwater Photography

  1. The thing to remember is that water actually impacts directly on colour, contrast and sharpness. This is not surprising but worth considering. One way to counteract this is to be very close to your chosen subject eg 30 cms.
  2. Forced flash mode will help and so will getting very low compared to your subject. Shooting upward can be very helpful so will trying to ensure your frame is almost filled with the subject.
  3. You can try setting your camera to the highest resolution and the lowest ISO initially
  4. If you are choosing to shoot making use of natural light then it’s worth trying to keep in shallower water. You don’t want to be looking at depths of more than 6 metres. Also ensure the sun is behind you.
  5. To increase sharpness keep an eye on the shutter speed. Some suggestions are: 1/30th for objects that are still, 1/60th for objects moving slowly, and 1/125th for faster moving subjects like fish.
  6. Consider increasing contrast a little when post-processing.
  7. If you don’t use manual white balance when shooting in ambient light the results will be bluish.
  8. Shoot portrait at least half of the time you are underwater.
  9. Isolating subjects can be more dramatic than creating a subject that is far too busy to have any impact.
  10. Be careful your background doesn’t end up being far too distracting.

If you want to keep your feet on dry land and just enjoy the work of other photographers such as Zena Holloway, then why not take a photography course? Click here for Photoion’s wide range of photography courses and workshops in London. Use this autumn to capture some stunning images yourself.

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