One to one Portfolio Photoshoot

Portfolio Photoshoot

Today we want to tell you about one of the one to one photography training courses we run: Portfolio Photoshoots.

If you’re a budding photographer and are looking to assemble a portfolio (an absolute must if you’re hoping to be a professional photographer), we can help.

Our Portfolio Photoshoots give you the option to work with a professional model, makeup artists, as well as benefit from the experience and tips from your tutor. Having another professional photographer’s eye in the room while composing your shots, can help you take your pictures to the next level.

The images shown below are from one of our one to one portfolio sessions organised for our student Nicolas. Amazing model is Latesha Wilson, make up artist is Helen Andrew.

one-to-one-photography-workshop-Latesha-Nicolas one-to-one-photography-workshop-Latesha-Nicolas-beauty-shot one-to-one-photography-workshop-Latesha-Nicolas-beauty-shot-2 one-to-one-photography-workshop-Latesha-Nicolas-beauty-shot-3 one-to-one-photography-workshop-Latesha-Nicolas-beauty-shot-4 one-to-one-photography-workshop-Latesha-Nicolas-beauty-shot-5

If you’re interested in building or expanding your portfolio with one of our courses, you can find all the details here:

Until next time, keep capturing those beautiful moments!

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