People I Didn’t Know Portrait Photography Project by Ion Paciu

Portrait Photography Project by Ion Paciu

People I Didn’t Know is a fascinating project by Photoion founder and tutor Ion Paciu, in which he sought out and captured true natural beauty through a series of impromptu black and white photographs of strangers on the streets of London. Fearless in his quest to show the world the beauty that we all ignore as we rush through our day to day tasks, Ion stopped complete strangers in the street and using natural light and his eye for a fantastic portrait image, captured the very heart and soul of each subject. tumblr_lpgifktYAt1ql0wu7o1_400 tumblr_lsi66tSU191ql0wu7o1_400 Ion describes London as the city of no eye contact, with its hugely varied population of commuters, shoppers, tourists and locals of every style and ethnicity all too content to keep themselves to themselves without taking the time to look around at the wonder and the beauty of the people and the stories that surround them. The People I Didn’t Know project breathes new life into the art of portrait photography, taking it out of the staged confines of the studio and placing it in the heart of the UK’s vibrant capitol. tumblr_lp9j5bCvAt1ql0wu7o1_r1_400 tumblr_lnrw5y7IsJ1ql0wu7o1_400 All of the images for this project were captured on an ad-hoc basis on the street, on the underground, in shops, bars and train stations, using natural light and occasionally a single camera flash. None of the shoots were pre-planned, with Ion simply stopping and talking to any subject that caught his eye and asking them to pose for a quick portrait. tumblr_lnda3vLY6s1ql0wu7o1_400 tumblr_lnd85tQuco1ql0wu7o1_400 Ion is in the unique position of walking the streets of the city with his camera on a regular basis as he tutors a wide range of photography courses and workshops in and around Southbank. This coupled with his creative mind and keen eye for a good photograph has led to this project coming about completely naturally, and has allowed him to see and capture faces and stories that would otherwise pass by unnoticed as just another blur in a city that doesn’t know how to stand still. tumblr_ln3x0fFkGP1ql0wu7o1_400 tumblr_lmp745IOht1ql0wu7o1_400 This range of candid, visually stunning portrait images is truly not to be missed. Each photograph tells a life story in itself through its natural poses and detailed imagery. Ion has also accompanied each image on this project with a small blog entry telling the story of the photograph, where it was taken, wherever possible the name of the subject and the tale of how he came to photograph them. tumblr_lm7stzaxUZ1ql0wu7o1_400tumblr_lmp70x3VsU1ql0wu7o1_400 All the images in this blog are taken from the People I Didn’t Know project. To see the full project please click HERE tumblr_lm9ok4IPEw1ql0wu7o1_400 If you are interested in photography, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced photographer, and you would like opportunity to learn from Ion how to compose and capture such stunning portraits, then please click the image below to browse the range of photography courses and workshops available and book your place today. tumblr_lmfa67mOKK1ql0wu7o1_400