Portrait Photography Workshop – 10th August 2013

The Portrait Photography Workshop is a unique and intimate session which allows its students to learn in situation with from our highly skilled photography professionals, as they guide you through the features of your camera and teach you the art of finding that perfect urban portrait shot. The tutor on the day today was professional photographer and founder of Photoion Photography School Ion Paciu.

The 10th of August saw experienced professional Ion Paciu hit the streets of London once again with an energetic group of students looking to create some exciting and original images.

Below is Cheryl who was brave enough to pose for these stunning images.


Cheryl featured in these images gave up her time and allowed us to capture these beautiful shots




A straight powerful portrait head and shoulders image of Cheryl.


As always with our huge range of photography courses and workshops, the session was fun, interactive and engaging, with the tutor Ion even making his way into some of the student’s images.


Venturing along the London S0uth-bank of Thames into the York Road group were surprised to find a large gang of people enjoying Cheryl posing for the group of students.


Ion encouraged the students to become more and more creative and they tried some motion portraits, the images speak for themselves.




Once again the day was a huge success and we hope that our students are as proud of the images that they created as we are. If you are interested in photography, whether you are a complete beginner or and experienced photographer looking to hone their skills, then we have a selection of courses and workshops to suit you. Please click  to view our range of available courses and to book your place today.

A black and white portrait of Cheryl from the day


Ion would like to thank all of the students involved as well as the passers by who were kind enough to lend their time and make this day so enjoyable and productive. Keep checking our blog for more images and information on courses new and old. For the very latest news from Photoion please follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

This final shot of Cheryl on the move was captured by Ion outside of an offices building.


And the group shot of the day: