What we did- Friday’s Portrait Photography Workshop London

Last Friday, a group of talented and excited students joined our master trainer Ion Paciu for a Portrait Photography Workshop London at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank. A full day of photography and learning and the end result was incredible:

Our experienced tutor took several students through the foundational principles of Portrait Photography as well as discussing key subjects surrounding Portrait Photography such as concept and the different types of portrait styles a photographer can use.


london_photography_courses_portrait_photography_12 london_photography_courses_portrait_photography_17

The key focus of the day was to get the students behind the camera and photographing the fantastic model Jasmin (shown in the pictures in this article.) Throughout the day students are taken the process of creating the perfect Portrait photo through the Portrait Photography Workshop London by covering key principles such as:

  • Utilising their camera‚Äôs core features to capture eye-catching portraits
  • How to use aperture creatively
  • Understanding hardware including cameras, lenses and lighting
  • How to use natural light to create effective portraits
  • Using their flashgun
  • How to instruct and pose their model in different locations
  • How to use accessories to create and direct light
  • How to use white balance for colour correction

All in all a very hands on day with LOTS of learning! Check out some of the fantastic photos captured during Friday’s Portrait Photography Workshop:

london_photography_courses_portrait_photography_1 london_photography_courses_portrait_photography_2 london_photography_courses_portrait_photography_3 london_photography_courses_portrait_photography_5