Photoion Photography our Professional Photographers

Photoion Photography our Professional Photographers

Please do not forget that here at Photoion we don’t just offer our wide range of photography courses in London and workshops, we also have three incredible photographers who are available to cater for all of your photography needs. Covering a wide spectrum of work from Corporate and Advertising to Fashion and Editorial, Photoion bring a combination of art, style and invention to our images, allowing you or your product to stand out from the crowd.

Corporate photography:


If you are tired of paying inflated prices only to receive the same mundane images that lack personal touch or flair, then please contact us today. Our dedicated photographers will work tirelessly with a tremendous attention to detail, to capture a selection of eye catching images that will serve to strengthen your brand and withstand the test of time.

Fashion photography:


The name Photoion has become synonymous in the world of photography with drive, passion and commitment. Our clients return to us time and time again as we provide a service that is unique in its quality, individuality and proficiency. Providing a customer service like no other, we believe that communication is the key, understanding exactly what the client is looking for and making sure that we not only achieve but exceed their expectations.

Portrait photography:


Our popular photography school in the heart of London trains students at all levels, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals in the art of photography. This allows us to stay constantly updated with ever changing trends and technologies and to hone our skills on a daily basis.

Advertising photography:


If you hire Photoion then you can be sure that you are hiring dedicated, award winning, experts with a true passion for capturing high quality, stylish images. Our portfolios speak for themselves, highlighting just a small portion of the work that we have done. They can be found along with all of our contact details at

Events photography:


Editorial photography:



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