Speedlite Photography Photo Shoot with Students

At the Photoion Photography School we pride ourselves on giving our students all of the opportunities we possibly can, which involves some ‘on the job’ training, coaching and practice. So we were so thrilled to be able to open up an invite to some of our most talented students to accompany our head trainer Ion Paciu when he ran a photoshoot in London using a speedlite/flashgun photography technique and we HAD to share the photos from the Speedlite Photography Photo Shoot with Students assisting the photographer tutor.


photography workshop London speedlite


Photography Workshop London speedlite

The shoot took place on the 22nd January and gave the students a really different experience from the classroom because the shoot took place at night and during a cold weather spell. 2 students helped Ion with carrying cameras and equipment and helping with the setup and their model Sophie was a thoroughly engaging subject! During the 2 hours, the students were able to learn how to cope and shoot good images in difficult conditions (such as inclement weather).

See more info about our Speedlite Photography Workshop here. 

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