Street Photography Course in Central London

Have you considered a workshop in Street Photography?Street Photography Workshop

This Street Photography Course is designed for those who are looking for exposure to photojournalism and street photography. As you would expect, the course will start with introductions being exchanged by all those present. There will then be an opportunity to look through some of the trainers actual work.

It is important to see how this kind of photography is presented back as, at the end of the course, you will have the same opportunity presented to you.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone with an interest in Photography, in particular street photography; as you will see, this course is not to do with the photographic equipment.

We will obviously be happy to advise and talk over any questions that are raised regarding cameras and other pieces, however, we are mainly interested in how you use your camera.

What should you bring to this Street Photography Course?

It is simple – your camera, an open mind and a positive attitude. If you want to have a look at some of the shots we take, you can view our Facebook page here.

Main points you can expect from this Street Photography Course

  • establish what is meant by the term street photography
  • inspiration will be provided by looking at some of the great street photographers of our time; these will include the well known masters and the not so well known masters.
  • you will come to see a practical side to street photography that will benefit as you develop this skill further
  • there will be debates around street photography and the issues that surround it
  • we will encourage participants to become more critical about their own photography and then aid them in developing a better ability to edit their work
  • you will understand the importance of themes and projects
  • we will offer honest and open feedback throughout
  • you will enjoy spending the time with other like-minded people

The next workshop is taking place on 25th April, please feel free to book your place on-line or contact us via e-mail:

Have you thought about getting this Workshop as a gift?

Perhaps you are reading this article and considering purchasing one of our Gift Vouchers for someone you think would be interested. They will enjoy this course if they’re looking to learn:

  • how to compose great shots
  • how to capture action on their camera
  • best ways to photograph people on the street
  • the art of good photography composition
  • how to use tones to add depth to scenes
  • PhotoIon Gift Cardan introduction to decisive moment

Gift Vouchers

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