Studio lighting photography course London

Studio lighting photography course London

In the wonderful setting of the Union Jack Club in London, our student Nicolas had a one to one workshop led by professional photographer and senior tutor Ion Paciu. Focused on studio lighting in photography, Nicolas learned how lighting can be used to create a wide variety of moods and effects. The aim of these workshops is to inspire, encourage and instruct our students in small, intimate classes. The one to one nature of the class meant Nicolas could get the full attention of our expert instructor. This particular workshop is perfect for photographers looking to work in studios and who want to understand how to use lighting in a creative and effective way to take their photography to the next level.

The day began with our excellent makeup artist Fanny arranging the hair and doing the makeup of the model on the day.


Studio Lighting Photography Course London, preparation


Studio Lighting Photography Course London, Fanny doing the makeup

Involving professionals in these workshops helps to create stunning end photos and create an authentic experience for photographers looking to go into professional photography.


Studio Lighting Photography Course London, Fanny is arranging Helen’s hair

Throughout the day the team experimented with a variety of lighting styles and photography set ups to get just the right effect.


Studio Lighting Photography Workshop, high key portrait

This was a great way for Nicolas to see how changing lighting and set up could transform his photos. The whole time our expert advice was on tap and so all the support Nicolas needed was there.


We got some fantastic results, with some truly stunning photos of Helen. Nicolas really progressed throughout the workshop and took some very creative shots. The whole team was very impressed with the results on the day.



As always, we took a photo of the whole team at the end of the day to commemorate a fabulous workshop, enjoyed by all. There were many happy looking faces on that day!london_photography_courses_studio_lighting_Nicolas_12 london_photography_courses_studio_lighting_Nicolas_11

Our next group studio lighting workshop is on the 14th of August. Throughout this workshop our students will learn how to use lighting in a studio setting. If you want to learn new techniques, get creative and take your photography to the next level with top-quality support, instruction and settings, then sign up today! We look forward to our next batch of students, and can’t wait to see the fantastic photos they will take!

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