Studio Lighting Photography Workshop 3rd August 2013

The 3rd of August saw Photoion host their Studio Lighting Photography Workshop. This workshop teaches students how to make the very most out of their studio lighting equipment through hands-on practical demonstrations. Students are given the tools to set their imaginations free, learning how to get the very most from their camera and lighting equipment, as well as shot composition and interaction with models.

The ideal course for photography newcomers as well as experienced photographers looking for a refresher, the Studio Lighting Photography Workshop helps you to get to grips with a whole range of technology and techniques in a studio environment.



For this session we were lucky enough to be joined by beautiful and energetic model Vanessa. Vanessa is a London based professional model who’s done a great job posing for our students.

Here is a close-up portrait of Vanessa taken by one of the students.


The workshop began as all the best studio lighting photography workshops do with simple basic studio lighting scheme. Students watched in awe as professional photographer Ion Paciu, the tutor on the day, explained in simple words how to set up a studio lighting. here is a simple portrait taken by the students using a simple lighting scheme.


All aspects of a studio shoot were covered, from lighting equipment, lenses and light meters, to backdrops, props and studio setups. All the while our policy of teaching in small groups means that every student gets the individual attention that they need to learn and develop their skills. The students learnt how to use various lighting modifiers, such as shoot-through umbrellas, softboxes and reflectors to explore a number of different lighting techniques.

Once the shoot began Ion show the students further studio lighting developments. A whole host of lighting equipment was provided by Photoion along with the radio wireless transmitters and a selection of backgrounds, light shapers and props. Students could even borrow from Photoion’s extensive range of professional lenses if they did not possess the right lens for their shot.

See more images from this studio lighting workshop below:










If you like the sound of this workshop please be sure to check out the courses section of our website, where you will find details on this any many more of our photography