Testimonials Photoion Photography School

Our Photography Courses Workshops are the photography courses in Central London. We take pride in our education system and we are not going to disappoint you. Come and try our courses, you will love us!


Testimonials Photoion Photography School

The best part about running our photography courses and workshops is the tremendous feedback that we receive from our students. We aim to make every day of a Photoion workshop informative and constructive as well as fun, energetic and engaging. For us teaching is not about what you achieve on the day but what the students take away with them. That is why we carefully design each and every one of our sessions to make sure that students are taking away skills and techniques that will shine through in their photography for years to come.



We have a policy of only teaching in small groups that creates a productive, intimate learning environment in which every student is given the time and attention that they require to make the very most out of the course. The testimonials below show that our tutors have the ability to inspire as well as teach, that over the years has lead to a great deal of creativity, a lot of laughter, and some excellent photography.


If these testimonials inspire you to try a photography course, please click one of the images in this blog to browse the available courses and book your place today. Here are a small selection of our many excellent testimonials:

If your looking to develop your photo skills and knowledge in London, then please take my advice and book a course with Ion. I am a city trader and wanted a one to one specialist pro/small course instructor. In Ion, I found the enthusiasm and expert instruction I required along with incredible patience!..I’ve learnt a lot and his passion is infectious.. there’s many teachers out there..take my word.use this guy.. learn the techniques and you will be on the road to really understanding photography….now its all about practice….practice. mike tambling.. phoenix partners.city.

— Mike Tambling (advanced level


Ion’s Beginners’ Course is thoroughly enjoyable. Friendly and sociable, Ion soon gets to know each student and quickly learns their skill level. The course is then directed towards each recognising their strengths and weaknesses. Ion is passionate about photography and conveys this with enthusiasm and humour. He persuades, guides and cajoles each one into taking good and better pictures. A good mixture of theory and practice is vital and Ion interweaves these into the day’s programme and escorts us around the South Bank encouraging and educating us in the use of our camera settings, observation of the sights, the possibility of creativity and the vital importance of awareness of light. He teaches patience and perseverance and the importance of each one’s individual perception of their world. Ion offers too a good ‘after sales service’; giving helpful tips and advice on photos emailed to him. I am really looking forward to my next course in a few weeks’ time. Highly recommended.

— Moira Brimacombe, from Sheffiled


Ion, the Yoda of his trade!! Enthusiasm personified, if this guy cannot get you interested in using your DSLR effectively, in making passionate and challenging photo’s, then you could well be one of the concerete pillars we used for “Perspective”. I used to think they supported bridges!, Oh no…., Ion will get you to take your camera and look at everything around you!! Ion…A master you are!!! And thank you for opening my eyes!

— Graham Russell


Being a teacher, I can be overly critical as a student but with Photoion, the whole experience from booking to taking the course to staying in touch after the course has been exceptional. Ion is ENTHUSIASTIC and his passion for photography is infectious! Aside from all of the technical and theoretical skills you’ll learn as mentioned in other reviews, you’ll come away from this course with a buzz and an desire to shoot more and more! It’s not about the size of your lens or which f stop you use, its about ‘seeing’ and Ion drives this principle home in a thoroughly enjoyable two day course! He didn’t pay me to write this – honest! Highly recommended!

— Bhavin Bhadresa


I just took a photography course with Ion and I really appreciated that the training time was flexible and there was time enough to answer all out questions without rush. The course was really very well planned and structured and I was really happy with the way the course was managed. Ion was knowledgeable and so enthusiastic while he managed to give everyone enough in