It isn’t often that we discuss self-portrait photography as a form. In the age of phone cameras, we see so many “selfies” that it almost feels as if the self-portrait has nothing left to say.

That couldn’t be less true, and today we’re going to look at some of the self-portrait photographers that we find interesting to inspire you to put yourself in front of the lens.

1) The first ever self-portrait

The first known self-portrait was taken by amateur chemist and photography enthusiast, Robert Cornelius in his family store in Philadelphia in 1839. He took the image by removing the lens cap and then running into the frame where he sat for a minute before covering up the lens again.

On the back, he wrote “The first light Picture ever taken. 1839.”

First Self-Portrait ever by Robert Cornelius

2) Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe is best known for his provocative black and white images in which he styles himself as everything from the devil, a woman, a terrorist, and much more.

Mapplethorpe experimented with the concept of gender in his self-portraits, as well as with complex issues such as sexuality and desire, hedonism, and excess.

 3) Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman was well known for using herself as a subject in every one of her photos. Because of this, Sherman changed the way most people interpreted self-portrait photography. Self-portraiture is usually an introspective and reflective p