We’ve already mentioned a couple of fantastic events that are a MUST ATTEND for any budding/professional photographer out there, but this event really does deserve an honourable mention. Available until 16th March 2014 and completely free- The UK Picture Editors Guild Award returns to the Museum of London in a stunning exhibition.

From the early days of Fleet Street, to the 24-hour rolling news which we know today, press photographers capture and give life to the events in the world around us.

Last year London found itself at the epicentre for some of the most dramatic, colourful and character-filled events of 2013. Just the utterance of “Wimbledon” or “royal baby” sparks a kaleidoscope of images which flooded our national news outlets and entered public consciousness- never to be forgotten!
The energy and emotions of a whirlwind year are captured in these award winning press photographs, reminding visitors of the highs and lows which defined 2013 at the UK Picture Editors Guild Award.

The work of the following finalists is on display: 

• Bloomberg Business Photographer of the Year
• British Airways Fashion and Entertainment Photographer of the Year
• BT Citizen Photographer of the Year
• Genesis Regional Photographer of the Year
• Getty Royal Photographer of the Year
• Nikon Sports Photographer of the Year
• OpenText News Photographer of the Year
• SABMiller Photographer of the Year
• UK Picture Editors’ Guild Photo Essay of the Year
• UK Picture Editors’ Guild Lifetime Achievement Award
• Fixation Young Photographer Bursary