Macro Photography Workshop London

Are you fascinated by things others cannot see?  A Macro Photography Workshop London gives any photographer the opportunity to penetrate  a subject deeply. You can certainly get down and personal with whatever happens to be within your lens’ sights.


We take our capacity to see infinite detail for granted.

All of us, including Photoion Photography School itself can  take our ability to see the macroscopic world for granted. It was only in the 17th century that lens technology of the simplest kind enabled scientists to see another world they could not even have guessed existed. It was a world to which only the the knowledgeable, rich and privileged had access. Now that has all changed and a Macro Photography Workshop London intends to demonstrate how our capacities in this field have increased tenfold.


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Catch a Macro Photography Course on 28th September

Macro photography as we know it was invented by one Fritz Goro. What we see within this process is a photographed subject appearing greater than life size. Although there are all kinds of technical considerations, we can’t go into those here. But be aware that a typical macro lens has the capacity to reproduce ratios that are bigger than 1:1. Although that in itself as a definition is up for grabs. If you have any questions then we are happy to answer all at out Macro Photography Workshop London. There are last minute places available on the 28th September if you hurry!


See the infinite possibilities in every object on a Macro Photography Workshop London

Our expectations about quality, close focusing and high reproduction ratios appear to know no bounds.

All we need to remember here is that technology has brought macro photography within the reach  of many more photographers. It is no longer considered prohibitive in terms of cost or skill level. We now expect to use ‘macro lenses’ and the long barrel shapes are becoming more common. Our expectations about quality, close focusing and high reproduction ratios appear to know no bounds. In fact many contemporary macro lenses can focus to infinity.  This is a mind boggling enough concept in itself.

Exploring with a macro lens is like being on a voyage into another universe

Suddenly our whole world is filled with possibilities, wonders and fabulous photo opportunities. If you learn what to do on a Macro Photography Course London you will gain so much more about the possibilities which are so jaw-droppingly awe inspiring. Imagine photographing insects, snowflakes, food stuffs, bacteria and other objects beyond the scope of the normal human eye. Think back to the 17th century scientists who first saw a flea in all its glory and realised flies actually laid eggs that metamorphosed into maggots and then a fly. Before this breakthrough people imagine flies simply appeared spontaneously!

Be fascinated on a Macro Photography Course London this weekend

If the idea of this exploration fascinates you then there’s no reason not to follow through and attend a Macro Photography Workshop London right now. In fact, although places are snapped up quickly if you check there may even be a course running the weekend after you actually read this.