Photo of the Month Competition: November 2019

To promote creativity and practice in photography, we run our Photo of the Month competition, which is open to everyone! The winner gets £100 in Photoion vouchers to spend on our courses and workshops. This month’s theme is “Night Photography”. Night photography can include a variety of subjects and allow you to unleash your [...]

I Swapped my Professional DSLR camera for Cheapest Entry Level Option

As anyone who follows me / us (our photography school) on Facebook will know, I recently purchased a new photographic camera system – camera body and lenses.  However, it wasn’t an “upgrade”, it was, in fact a “downgrade” so I got myself a Canon 100D (Rebel SL1), which is the smallest, cheapest, lightest entry-level [...]

Setting Off on a Journey with our October Student of the Month, Jan Peach-Allen

The October Student of the Month is Jan Peach-Allen, who turned their grief after the loss of their husband into a new passion. It’s amazing the ways in which photography can connect people and make you feel close to someone even after they have passed away. We sat down with Jan Peach-Allen to learn more [...]

Setting goals with our September Student of the Month, Josh Stead

This month’s student of the month is Josh Stead, who as you can see from the images below, has already progressed immensely since taking our one-one-one course with Ion. It’s because of this excellent progress that we chose to award Josh with Student of the Month, meaning he has earned himself a £50 voucher to [...]

Discovering new passions and fulfilling dreams with August’s Student of the Month!

This month we have chosen Anne Costelloe as our Student of the Month. As you will discover, she came to us as a total newbie - she didn’t even own a camera when she took our beginner’s course! We are so delighted that we have helped to inspire a new lifelong passion in her that [...]

Why I don’t use a light meter in my studio photography

Some of my students at our studio in Waterloo have recently been asking why I do not use a light meter for my studio photography. Light meters originate from the days of film - they were stand-alone, hand-held devices. Nowadays, they are popular with some photographers to ensure that they have the correct exposure, and [...]

Photography journey with our July Student of the Month, David Lange

Each month, we take one student who has particularly impressed us at Photoion Photography School and crown them our Student of the Month! The winner also gets a £50 voucher to be redeemed against any of our courses. The July's winner is David Lange. Here’s what he has to say about his photography journey so far and the [...]

Close up with Nature – Our June Student of the Month, Nancy Tsami

Since taking our Wildlife Photography Workshop, student Nancy Tsami has really found her stride as you will see from the excellent images below. For this reason, we have decided to award her Photoion's Student of the Month. This means she will receive a £50 voucher to spend on any future courses or workshops she [...]

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