I Swapped my Professional DSLR camera for Cheapest Entry Level Option

As anyone who follows me / us (our photography school) on Facebook will know, I recently purchased a new photographic camera system – camera body and lenses.  However, it wasn’t an “upgrade”, it was, in fact a “downgrade” so I got myself a Canon 100D (Rebel SL1), which is the smallest, cheapest, lightest [...]

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Get your free e-book where we reveal how to take gorgeous photographs with cheap cameras and lenses Thank you for clicking to discover how our founding photography tutor takes stunning images using a 'beginners'' camera and lenses. This free e-book explains how and why our tutor Ion Paciu uses an [...]

Close up with Nature – Our June Student of the Month, Nancy Tsami

Since taking our Wildlife Photography Workshop, student Nancy Tsami has really found her stride as you will see from the excellent images below. For this reason, we have decided to award her Photoion's Student of the Month. This means she will receive a £50 voucher to spend on any future courses or workshops she [...]

From Milan to London- a visual journey with May’s student of the month

Each month, we take one student who has particularly impressed us at Photoion Photography School and crown them our Student of the Month! This month, read how Constantin Drăghici fell in love with photography and came to London's Photoion School. He then took our Advanced Photography Course and our Speedlite Workshop. "I started taking pictures [...]

Photoion Photography Awards 2018: Who are the Winners?

Today we are extremely proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Photoion Photography Awards. If you’re not aware, each year we produce the Photoion Awards Book to celebrate 50 of our students who have taken incredible images. It’s always a challenge to choose the 50 entries, and even more difficult to settle on [...]