Our Photography Course Students- Case Studies

At Photoion Photography School, we take pride in following our former students’ on their photography journeys. We are very interested to see what they go on to achieve after taking our photography courses, and love to keep in touch. It’s very rewarding to see how our students apply their newfound skills, and to share their amazing results on our website.

Most of our former students courses see a massive improvement in the quality of their photography after coming to us. Some students become professional photographers, and others take their amateur photography to a stunning level. We have chosen a few former students to share with you below- we hope you find their journeys as inspiring as we have!

Dolores Mateo

Dolores Mateo started her journey with us by attending the Beginner’s Course. Since then she has taken many courses with us, and under the constant guidance of our tutor Ion Paciu, Dolores has come a long way. Her passion is wildlife photography which requires a lot of patience- luckily she can endure it like a professional! Dolores takes incredible images now and she also won first place in our school’s competition, the Photoion Photography Awards 2016 with her image ‘Zebra.’

More of Dolores’s story and images can be found here.

Paul Blake

Discussing his time on our Beginners’ Course, Paul says: “I knew absolutely nothing about the various functions of the camera, or even what to look for when taking a photo. By the end of the two day course I was hooked and knew that this was going to be a hobby that I would enjoy for a long time.”

The fantastic news is that Paul has now had his first photography exhibition! Some of the images displayed for viewing are also on sale.

london photography courses
Photograph by Paul Blake

More of Paul’s story and images can be found here.

Andreea and Matt – Full Time Professional Photographers

Andreea and Matt are regular students of ours. They both took a number of courses together which enabled them to turn their passion for photography into a prospering business! They now have a private photographic studio in Whitstable  where they make a living with commercial, portrait and wedding photography.

More of Andreea and Matt’s story and images can be found here.

Craig Brady

Like many of our students, Craig Brady supplemented his learning with several of our specialised workshops. These workshops can provide the ideal opportunity to hone your skills and improve your eye. Our photography school  puts your imagination to good use with a series of hands-on and engaging courses that cover many aspects of digital photography.

wildlife photography course
wildlife photography courses

More of Craig’s story and images can be found here.

Laura Visinskaite

Laura Visinskaite began her journey with Photoion School by attending our Advanced Photography Course. From there she went on to take part in many of our other several of our specialised workshops and her talent has gone from strength to strength. Laura has found a wonderful niche with family photography and says that her daughter is her greatest inspiration as both a parent and a photographer.

More of Laura’s story and images can be found here.

Vincent Sluiter

Both courses I followed with Photoion Photography School were provided by Ion, who is a very knowledgeable and passionate photographer. He is always so keen to show students how to take photographs like his, and nurture everyone’s talents individually. The courses are well structured with a theoretical part, practical part, and real-life examples. This photography school doesn’t just tell you how to take great photographs, but shows you hands-on!

Former photography student
london photography courses

More of Vincent’s story and images can be found here.