Our Photography Workshops in London

Do you want to improve a certain skill or technique to take your photography abilities to the next level? If so, one of our intensive one day photography workshops could be for you.

We offer 16 photography workshops in London to help amateurs and professionals hone their skills. All of our London photography workshops take place in very small groups – no more than eight in a class – so you can learn a lot in a short space of time.  Whether you’re looking to learn how to capture wildlife or sharpen your skills as a wedding photographer, we have a workshop suited to you.

Are you ready to begin your epic journey into the world of photography? Take a look at the many photography workshops we offer in London and the next start dates and availability. We believe we offer some of the most valuable photography workshops in the UK.

Workshops in Detail

Portrait Photography Workshop

Portrait Photography Workshop

Learn the fine art of finding the perfect portrait photograph. This workshop takes place on location with a model posing for students so you can explore the many different ways of taking headshots, lifestyle portraits and candid portraits.

Studio Lighting Photography Workshop

Studio Lighting Photography Workshop

In this workshop you will learn when to use a studio and why, before understanding the range of technology needed to create the perfect shot. You’ll also explore backgrounds and props to improve your creativity in the studio.

street photography workshop

Street Photography Workshop

Learn the art of authentic street photography in the vibrant heart of London. We’ll teach you how to choose the perfect location and find interesting subjects, as well as crucial techniques such as aperture, shutter speed and the use of shadows.

food photography workshop

Food Photography Workshop

This hands-on workshop includes all the food and equipment you will need to create tastebud-tingling images. Learn how using food as a subject is different from other photography, and make use of a range of lighting equipment.

fashion photography workshop

Fashion Photography Workshop

If you have a passion for fashion, this workshop is for you. We not only provide a professional model but also a professional make-up artist, and each student will have the opportunity to spend time with the model and improve their techniques.

macro photography workshop

Macro Photography Workshop

Learn the difference between macro photography and close up photography, with this combination of theoretical and practical topics. Play with a range of macro lighting techniques including diffusers, shapers and reflectors.

product photography workshop

Product Photography Workshop

If you’re looking for a career in photography, corporate product photography could be a wise choice. This workshop will teach you how to improve your product images with texture, background, props and accessories.

black and white photography workshop

Black and White Photography Workshop

Do you dream of creating dreamy black and white images? Explore the creative and technical elements of black and white photography in this one day workshop. This style is perfect if you want to create artistic and impactful photographs.

photoshop workshop

Photoshop for Photographers Workshop

Designed for all skill levels, this workshop will give you the tools you need to enhance and improve the images you capture. You will learn professional editing and retouching techniques, as well as optimising photographs for online or print.

Glamour Photography Workshop

Learn the basics of glamour/boudoir photography in this intensive one day workshop. Using a professional model you will explore different dramatic lighting styles and learn how to use props in your composition.

nude photography workshop

Art Nude Photography Workshop

Capture the essence of tasteful nude photography by working with a model, and using guidance from a tutor with decades of photography know-how. You will explore the effect of many different lighting styles and much more.

speedlite photography workshop

Speedlite Photography Workshop

Unleash your flashgun’s potential during this intensive workshop. Learn how to take amazing pictures in manual mode and develop your skills to be able to use two, three or more speedlites at once. A great way to add depth and shadows!

Wildlife Photography Workshop

Learn how to stalk animals and take amazing action shots in this incredible one day session. You’ll be on location in Richmond Park, actively searching for wildlife to photograph – you don’t get more realistic than that.

night photography workshop

Night Photography Workshop

Taking professional-looking images at night requires a completely different approach. In this three hour evening class, learn about the different lenses for dusk and evening and capture beautiful images of some of London’s most iconic scenes.

photography holidays

Photography Holidays with Photoion

Each year we organise a photography workshops in different countries, so you can capture different landscapes. The photography holiday usually includes landscape photography, night photography and a post-production workshop.

beauty photography workshop

Beauty Photography Workshop

Learn the concepts of beauty photography and work with a model and make-up artist to create gorgeous photographs. Practice the detailed lighting techniques and designs you need to start getting booked as a beauty photographer!

birds of prey studio photography workshop

Birds of Prey Studio Workshop

This workshop allows you the chance to capture images of these beautiful animals in a studio environment. You’ll be up close and personal with the birds, and will learn a bunch of great techniques for studio photography along the way.

levitation photography workshop

Levitation Photography Workshop

Challenge the impossible and learn how to create amazing surreal photographs! In this workshop you will defy graviton and learn special techniques on how to create magical and awe-inspiring images from beginning to the end.

interior design photography

Interior Design Photography Workshop

This workshop is specifically designed for those with a keen interest in Interior Design who would like to develop their skills. It is a very hands-on workshop with lots of practical experience to get you comfortable working in any space.

dance photography workshop

Dance Photography Workshop

This workshop will teach you the techniques needed to photograph dance in an engaging and interesting way. Perfect for those looking to combine their interest in dance with photography, learn to how to capture motion and time your click!

corporate photography workshop

Corporate Photography Workshop

Looking to get started in corporate photography? Learn to direct poses and perfect the lighting so after taking this workshop, you’ll be able to take professional headshots that your clients will love!

smoke photography workshop

Smoke Photography Workshop

This workshop gives you the tools to create stunning images of smoke. Once you can work with smoke properly, you’ll be able to elevate your photography and add atmosphere to any composition.

creative pattern light

Creative Pattern Light Workshop

Light pattern photography makes for very atmospheric results, once you know how to use the right tools and backgrounds!. If you’re looking for something unique that will stand out in your portfolio, this course is ideal.

Long Exposure Photography Workshop

On this workshop you will learn all the essential tips and techniques for long exposure photography so you can become confident with this style and use it to expand your portfolio.

Photography Courses

We also offer a broad selection of one day photography workshops in London, for those who want to focus on a particular subject. Designed for both beginners and advanced students, a workshop is a great way to add to your skillset. We keep our group numbers small, between 5-8 students so you can make the most out of the day and receive unsurpassed support and guidance. Click on a workshop for more information and to book.

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