Street Photography Workshop and Talk

The 10th of November 2012 saw the launch of our brand new Street Photography Workshop and Talk.  The aim of this one day course was to give students the tools and the vision to look beyond everyday life in London and create fantastic authentic and original images that capture the city’s vibrant heart and passionate soul.

The anticipation was high for this unique, one of a kind, photography workshop and it did not disappoint. Photoion founder Ion lead proceedings, bestowing on the students his awesome enthusiasm and his ability to capture life through a series of inspiring moments on the street.


Students were taught to foresee the moment, learning the elements required to anticipate and compose candid images of street life across a range of inspiring city locations, from the South Bank to Festival Hall and the National Theatre. The next challenge was of course to capture the image, and that is when the creative sparks really began to fly.

Giving students the freedom to learn in a fast paced, learn as you shoot environment, techniques including aperture, shutter speed and the use of light and shadows were expertly demonstrated. The small personal nature of the group also meant that each individual got the help and attention that they required.


Along with Ion, students were treated to working with talented street photographer Tatiana Zigar. As well as offering her own advice on techniques and composition, Tatiana gave an inspirational short talk about her experiences with street photography, sharing with the group extracts from her impressive portfolio.



At the end of the day the students took away with them an incredible selection of original, unique images of the hidden beauty of street life captured amid the hustle and bustle of London’s busy streets. We can only hope that they are as proud of their day’s work as we are.

The first ever Photoion Street Photography Workshop and Talk was a resounding success. Open to budding photographers of all ages and abilities, the day combined a fun creative atmosphere with genuinely compelling technical lessons that we are sure that our students will go on to utilise for the rest of their lives.

As always we ended the day with a fantastic group shot; for further information on this or any of our huge range of Photography Workshops, please click the image below. Check out all our photography courses in London.