Our Photography School new website

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Photography School new website.

After several years of faithful service, providing quality photography courses and workshops in London and the surroundings  we thought it was finally time to retire the old site and replace it with a newer, slicker, more advanced, user friendly website.

See below a snapshot of the home page.

So what’s new?

We’ve refreshed the content and tied it all in with our social media activity. Now you can find our social media pages faster such; our pages Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, G+, Youtube including our Skype contact  at at your hand visible and easy to access.

Our website is quicker as well as introducing a fresher and more dynamic “photography courses” section with a new fast and precise booking system.

We have updated our  former students photography gallery and now has a new fresh look and is faster. See new images from our former students here. 


Also, we have a new section with former students case studies, successful stories of our former students. See their profiles here. 


Our blog is now incorporated on our website so it will keep you informed on what we’re up to and any useful insight we think is worth sharing.

The new website gives us a fantastic platform to build on as we aim, as always, to continue to develop our service – so watch this space.

We know how busy you are but if you have a minute, have a browse and see what you think. We’d welcome any feedback and thoughts.

We have a whole range of photography courses and workshops, open and fixed value gift vouchers available to buy from our website, please click HERE for more info.