It’s time for another instalment of Student of the Month. Each month we choose a student who has shown real growth and promise and we sit down with them to learn more about their journey in photography. The winner also receives a £50 voucher to be redeemed against any of our courses.

This month we sat down with Ian Peachey.

Here’s what they had to say;

Two years ago, I was sat at my desk and realised that I needed to address my work/life balance. I was spending far too much time on my work and too little time on myself. I needed an interest that was completely unrelated to my work to readdress the balance. I remembered enjoying a photography course (back in the day with film cameras and darkrooms) that I had taken at college back in the early 1980’s and decided that buying a camera is what I needed to do. 


(c) Ian Peachey

I live in London and my work takes me to many cities around the world. The city environment is where I am most comfortable and this has led to an obsession with street photography. My favourite location for taking photographs is the East End of London, especially Brick Lane. I try to get out at least once a week to take photographs and can often be found tramping the streets with my camera in hand! 


(c) Ian Peachey

I believe that street photography requires a special mindset. You have to be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions, lots of frustration, countered by occasional joy when you get that perfect image. It is the hunt for that perfect image that keeps me tramping those streets!


(c) Ian Peachey. Taken on our Street Portrait photography workshop

I recently took part in Ion’s Street Portrait Photography Workshop (highly recommended) that opened my eyes to new opportunities to interact directly with people that are typically anonymous to the street photographer. 


(c) Ian Peachey. Taken on our Street Portrait photography workshop

For the future, I want to continue to build up my portfolio of images with the aim to publish and/or exhibit my work. I am also committed to obtaining a distinction with the Royal Photographic Society, using Ion and his team to give me the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to achieve this.