Photography Student of the Month – April 2014 – Sian Jones

You are probably familiar with our photography ‘student of the month’ article. To summarise we identify a student that we feel has really excelled and shown their love for the art of Photography.

Photography Student of the Month – Sian Jones

This particular student is actually a finalist of the Photoion Photography Awards 2013 and has also won a place in the awards book.

Photography Student of the Month

Her hard work has really impressed us. She has a great level of enthusiasm and she is really passionate for photography. It is because of this and her high level of determination, that she is our photography student of the month. Well done Sian Jones.

April 2014 Student of the Month

This is what say has to say:

‘I took Ion’s Beginners’ Course back in September 2012. He was inspirational… and quite exhausting.

I arrived with my Nikon D3000 having no idea what to do other than use Automatic settings and I left with a solid idea of what all its functions were and how they interrelated. I spent 2 ½ years using this knowledge and taking a wide range of photographs both at home and abroad. Living in a beautiful part of the UK on the Welsh borders, I have concentrated on mainly landscapes.

April 2014 Student of the Month

I have just attended Ion’s Advanced Course which distilled everything you ever need to know about photography into one word … light. Simples! Not a bit of it! I went from feeling confident behind my camera to feeling that I knew very very little … everything became dependent on everything else and I felt I would never master it. But, I’m practising and practising and slowly things are coming together.

April Student of the Month

Ion is a master of his craft and a master as a teacher. I would recommend him to anyone. I simply adore photography now and am rarely to be found without my camera … to the extent that my Son has refused to travel anywhere with me again, after the incident where he caught me taking a shot of the wooden floor at Pier 17 in New York … well you would, wouldn’t you?’

April 14 Student of the month

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Student of the Month April 2014

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